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Brian is an expert in the Leasing and Relocation business. He has been working in this industry for over 10 years and has won the ‘Leasing Agent of the Year’ award from the San Francisco Apartment Association in 2012. He started his career in Leasing at J Wavro Associates and rose to the level of ‘Senior Leasing and Relocation Agent’. He is now ‘Director of Leasing’ at Elite Leasing and Relocation.

Brian is proud of his list of repeat clients that put their faith in his services. His in-depth knowledge of the market ensures that his Clients receive the highest rent on their properties. Even in challenging times, Brian will devise creative solutions to ensure that his Client’s properties do not stay vacant. He values listening to his Client’s needs and will work tirelessly to achieve their goals. He is well respected in the industry and is regularly sought out by the media for his opinions on the rental market.

Growing up in Ashland, Oregon he developed a love for skiing and the outdoors. He pursued his interests in Restaurant Management with a degree from Northern Arizona University. Having worked in the restaurant industry for 11 years, he then transitioned to Real Estate. In his free time he enjoys cooking for his husband and son.

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